As one of the world’s fastest growing financial education providers, Sovereign Leadership Group is committed to providing specialised knowledge-based learning to private investors, no matter what your level of skill, knowledge or previous experience.

Our courses and seminars are all facilitated by Peter Leahy, a financial specialist, who’s spent 30 years assisting major firms, entrepreneurs and individuals all over the world devise and implement trading and financing strategies. Peter has a unique combination of professional knowledge and experience that course attendees are encouraged to personally tap into.

Peter began his career in the UK gilt (government bonds) market, at a time of record deficits and reluctant lenders. He later specialised in fixed-income markets at J P Morgan, which was then considered to be the cutting edge of innovation in financial products. He sold complex mortgage-backed and securitised products for Bear Stearns, pushing the boundaries of structured finance. Unlike many others in these fields, Peter thrived through the expansion and eventual explosion of credit markets, trading most kinds of mortgage-backed securities and derivatives imaginable. The fact that he lived to tell the tale when many other businesses and investors floundered into the global meltdown, is testament to the skills he now passes onto newcomers and intermediaries looking to build a lucrative personal investment portfolio of their own.

Participate in our two day induction course.

Investment Banks, Markets and Hedge Funds.

This two-day program is intended for Graduates, Undergraduates, prospective interns and others contemplating a career in finance and markets. The course focuses on the practical and realistic rather than the academic aspects. (Plus some practical basics of Financial Excel). Be better prepared for interviews. Ask the right questions. Be aware of current financial markets events and trends.
    £500 for two days (Subject to VAT)
  • DATES:
    March 8th & 9th, 2016
    March 31 & April 1, 2016
The course will be held in the Charlotte Street Hotel’s Vanessa Bell Room. The Charlotte Street Hotel is situated in the media neighbourhood just north of Soho. It is a minute's walk from leafy Soho Square and the theatre district, within easy reach of the financial centre and is surrounded by some of London's best bars, restaurants and cafes.
SLG reserve the right to change venues if necessary but if you have already booked you will be consulted.
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